Anna Eddey's book Solviva: How to grow $500,0001 on one acre, and Peace on Earth2 describes the synergies she achieved on farm:

Synergies attained in Solviva Greenhouse

  • Eliminated the need for an active, energy-consuming heating mechanism in her winter greenhouse.
  • Exceptionally high productivity through optimized design.

Anna Eddey's drawing based on her existing Solviva greenhouses.

These strategies:

  • storing heat in thermal mass in the floor
  • insulation of the greenhouse/barn building
  • animals as passive heat source

…eliminated the need for any kind of heating system/utility.

Utilization of vertical space and other strategies provide for exceptionally high productivity/yields.

Aside: did you notice the design flaw in animal infrastructure? Rabbits like to burrow in the ground while chickens like to roost in branches. Improving the design would do the opposite of what this illustration shows in that regards.

The plant beds are used to filter ammonia out of the air.

Utilizing nutient value like this is completely essential.

Eddey's drawing illustrates necessary concepts here, but you'll have to wait until my designs are published here for a decent sanitation system.


  1. $500,000 is a value that should perhaps be doubled now due to inflation.
  2. See Anna Eddy's website for more photos and stories.

What harmonodes can look like: