Traditional Knowledge

This website, the word harmonode the "field" of ecological design, would not exist at all under better, less dire circumstances.

There shouldn't be the need for a word "harmonode", it should just be how civiliztion was built.

To love the divine necessarily requires a harmony with Nature, Nature as the Living Divine. And the traditional Indigenous Peoples on all parts of planet Earth have all had vast bodies of knowledge of how to live with such harmony.

Imagine if you still knew every bit of biology, chemistry, phsyics, math, and so forth, that you learned in school because you regularly used it in the work and activities of your daily life, rather than doing one tedious thing for way too long for money, doing an enjoyable diversity of tasks tending the gardens of paradise and making all the things you need and want.

That was life, before being conquered, and
it will be life once again.