Technology for what Purpose

Due to the non-cooperative, self-serving nature of the rat-race, the non-loving paradigm of this era, new technologies when developed seldom get used effectively for human benefit.

New technologies get implemented according to the interests of the owners of the technology, the patent holders whose interests are: money. And so regardless of whether the product/technology is appropriate for mass use, or whether it's ready and developed enough for distribution, it gets pushed into the "market" where the intention is not to help humanity flourish but to generate profits for shareholders.

That may sound cynical to some, but it's so literally true; publically traded companies are literally required by law to prioritize shareholder profits foremost, above employee wellbeing and above consumer wellbeing.

Imagine if it wasn't that way!

Here in the harmonode model of civilization, all technology is implemented for human benefit.

The difference is profound.

Survival should be so easy, easy and enjoyable!

Technology for: textile processing

When technological advancement in this area occurred during the industrial revolution, what happened? The rich used the opportunity to enslave children in textile factories.

How could it have been done differently?

Textile processing machines could have been designed for neighborhood-scale artisanal manufactoring. Noone wants to be enslaved in a factory, but we could all run the textile machine once in a while had the technology been designed for it.