Research & Development Priorities

Subsistence Gardens of Paradise

Sane Ecological Sanitation

Truly Regenerative Energy Systems

Attaining basic survival and comfort with the energy that can be found within the neighborhood.


Fuel: Coppiced fuel-wood — growing hedges of it everywhere


  • Multi-purpose, wood/charcoal-fueled commercial ovens & kilns:
    • tortilla oven
    • tiles
  • Pyrolysis retorts as primary material chamber, and as secondary chambers
    • pyrolysis-based water heaters
  • Birch tar and other distillations
Mechanical energy
  • Aerobic human-powered flywheel motors
  • Gravity "batteries" with squat-press lift mechanism
  • Pull-spring fans

This gives us possibilities for things like: playground-powered HVAC, gym-powered wood shop, for kitchens and buildings that function perfectly fine when the electrical grid goes down.

The achievment of commercial kitchens that are human-powered and neighborhood-fueled is completely essential.

Luxurious & Hyper-Efficient Community Housing with fully-integrated farm infrastructure