A Makers Economy

Central to the paradigm of this harmonode strategy for solving the problems of humanity, is our profound potential and innate existence as makers.

We humans are makers. Biologically, anotomically, from our opposable thumbs to our brain composition, we are made to make things. We are only fulfilled when we get to make things.

The makers economy is a production and DIY oriented economy. We must have the freedom to do it ourselves. And as consumers, we must have the means to produce.

An economy which condemns people to the role of consumers as non-producers and which fails to provide dignified means of moneymaking, is merely a system of oppression.

The production oriented model of a harmonode economy not only provides the just opportunity requisite for a basic notion of liberty, but it further provides the opportunity to thrive in ways very few people currently do.

When all you know is the normalized culture of enslavement to money and you've always been denied the opportunity to excel in your innate yearnings to make things… this profound opportunity might not be evident. You might not realize your own profound potential!

You might have no idea how possible it is to make, instead of buy, everything you need from the materials procurred within your own neighborhood, let alone how awesome that life could be!