Towards a Civilization of Love

Harmonodes are designed with a love of Life, a love of the Divine, to accommodate the loving relations of humans.

Our current world is not in anyway
built around love

Nature and the Divine are desicrated in every way.

Our buildings and landscapes are so terrible at meeting human needs that you could say the physical infrastructure of society is at times contemptuous1 of our wellbeing.

It's quite far from loving.

Nature is Divine

Nature is Divine and gives us the design paradigm to create paradise and meet human needs more effectively than well-documented history has ever known.

Neighborhoods of Love

Have you ever been homeless and found nothing but contempt in every neighborhood?

A society or cilization based on love builds neighborhoods as communities, not as separate individual living units.

Loving togetherness must be designed and built into neighborhoods.

1. For example: the lack of public restrooms.