Lifestyle and Niche

Optimal human habitat enables remarkable lifestyle improvements.

Work should consist of projects and chores:
   no to "jobs", yes to leisure and adventures.

Whereas "jobs" can often be described as having to sell your soul to a rich guy who's contracted by the devil (sorry, that sounds inflamatory, sometimes we must speak in such terms)… work should be enjoyable, rewarding, and therapeutic even.

Surviving and thriving should be easy!

which doesn't mean you never work hard, sometimes it's healthy to work hard and get exhausted (then it's important to have paradise to recuperate in).

There's a common misperception that living in an ecological and subsistence oriented way is difficult and all-consuming.

That misperception is based on horribly deficient habitat and inefficient ways of doing things. The ratrace is what's all-consuming!

Remember the synergy of a harmonode!