Ecological Design Principles

Biomimicry principles Permaculture principles Cowan/Van der Ryn's principle Todd's precepts of biological design
Nature runs on sunlight Observe and interact Solutions grow from place The living world is the matrix of all design
Nature uses only the energy it needs Catch and store energy Ecological accounting informs design Design should follow, not oppose, the laws of life
Nature fits form to function Obtain a yield Deesign with nature Biological equity must determine design
Nature recycles everything Apply self-regulation and accept feedback Everyone is a designer Design must reflect bioregionality
Nature rewards cooperation Use and value renewable resources and services Make nature visible Projects should be based on renewable energy resources
Nature banks on diversity Produce no waste Design should be sustainable through the integration of living systems
Nature demands local expertise Design from patterns to details Deesign should be coevolutionary with the natural world
Nature curbs excesses from within Integrate rather than seqgregate Building and design should help heal the planet
Nature taps the power of limits Use and value diversity Design should follow a sacred ecology
Use edges and value the marginal
Creatively use and respond to change